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Project Manager

– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level
Compensation $42,000 - 45,000

Project Manager, primarily responsible for advancing and sustaining the Green Playces Initiative

Grounded is seeking to hire a member of the program management team to lead all aspects of our youth placemaking program, the Green Playces Initiative, working through the lens of youth development to reclaim and activate vacant land in distressed communities with a particular focus on 3 things:

1) Continue to develop opportunities for growth and sustainability of the Green Playces program, including the identification of national trends in youth-oriented placemaking relevant to our work in vulnerable communities, with the goal to identify strategic partnerships and new funding sources.

2) Strengthen and implement curriculum for youth-led placemaking, outdoor education, and outdoor play activities on Green Playce sites. Curriculum serves to build capacity in youth to create visible change in their community, to educate youth outdoors, and to give parents and educators who use our sites resources for outdoor exploration, play, and learning.

3) Actively lead youth and resident volunteers in the build-out of vacant lot reclamation projects for Green Playces through the planning and coordination of safe, fun, and educational workdays.


Project Management: Lead and manage the development, implementation, and execution of a project connecting the benefits of capacity building and land use interventions to public health and environmental justice goals. Manage projects to accurately forecast resource needs and align project goals with standards, practices and principles to meet overall Grounded objectives; review and contribute to regular financial and program reports and summaries for Grounded partners and funders. Maintain a professional and positive attitude, strong work ethic, and work both independently and with a team. Adopt and implement all organizational processes as necessary and provide input and updates on how well they are working Think quickly and adeptly about how to address problems as they come up, learn from the issues and be flexible in order to adapt approach creatively and collaboratively Ability to switch quickly between tasks, think about projects on many levels, and oversee more than one project and team simultaneously. Manage and mentor team members at the Coordinator and Associate levels.

Education: Develop curriculum and activities for all ages that connect a resident’s action on the ground to broader health and environmental impacts. Assist other project teams to develop and deliver curriculum to diverse audiences in course of programming, outreach, and participation in networking events.

Partnership Facilitation: Set agendas and facilitate meetings; maintain effective communication and conduct follow up activities with Grounded leadership, partners and funders; participate and grow an environmental justice working group and ensure that roles and responsibilities for all team members are made clear, and reflect a comprehensive approach.

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance: Identify local and national leaders to develop opportunities that support Grounded efforts; assess and address priority capacity needs of partners; facilitate technical assistance from Grounded team to partner organizations on an as-needed basis; and aid in identifying training and other support needs that the Grounded staff can address.

Development: Work closely with Grounded team and collaborative partners to develop a funding plan that leverages resources to support Grounded implementation of community health interventions; develop and advocate for avenues and resources to sustain Grounded programs over time; take the lead in, or advise and support development of grant and funding proposals as needed, and coordinate with executive team on grant review, training and support.


  • Degree in education, public policy, planning, environmental studies, social work or other fields with relevant experience in the community development or environmental health/environmental justice sectors and land use issues
  • Proven project management and organizational skills with attention to detail
  • A demonstrated ability to effectively collaborate and achieve results across multiple partnerships and agendas
  • Experience working in the field, managing volunteers, and implementing community projects
  • An ability to work independently and lead outreach, education, and evaluation efforts while serving as part of a team
  • Cultural competency and strong interpersonal skills for interacting with colleagues, clients and program partners of all demographic and professional levels
  • A track record for open and effective internal and external communication; be able to effectively engage diverse audiences and stakeholders verbally and in writing
  • Possess strong presentation and public speaking skills
  • Flexibility, initiative, and a collaborative spirit
  • High proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, preferred experience with Salesforce and Adobe Suite
  • Own or have access to vehicle for transportation

The ideal Project Manager will possess:

  • Good judgment and excellent analytical and strategic thinking capabilities
  • Familiarity and experience working with Allegheny County organizations and community partners
  • The capacity to help bring about systems and process change
  • The capacity to pay close attention to detail while juggling multiple tasks
  • The ability to work effectively independently as well as part of a team made up of people from diverse backgrounds and in partnership with other organizations
  • Strong understanding and commitment to addressing environmental and economic inequities through solution-based approaches
  • Experience writing grants and proposals
  • Ability to obtain FBI clearance when working with youth
  • Willingness to seek clarification or direction if uncertain of priorities and work through the unknown 

Looking for a mid-March start date if possible.

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  • Location
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  • Employment Type
  • Minimum Experience
  • Compensation
    $42,000 - 45,000
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